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The Process

  • Case Review

    A team of experts will review your case and identify the type of fraud that has taken place. The team will then assess whether the lost assets can be recovered or not. Case review is done free of charge, report your case right away.
  • Fraud Investigation and Legal Action

    Once the validity of your case is approved, our team of experts will cross-reference your case against our vast database of scams and previous resolutions to build your case and execute it effectively.
  • Get Your Assets Back

    Upon completion of the investigation and legal processes, your lost assets will be recovered and reimbursed to you. In most cases we will recover all your assets at once, however on some occasions the assets will be recovered in chunks to the last bit.

Recover Money and Assets and get your life back

Have you been a victim of an online scam?

If so, you are probably angry or depressed and feel like your life has turned upside down.

What if we told you that it is possible to recover your funds? Would you take that chance? Yes, we believe you will, and that is the opportunity we are offering every scam victim, i.e., a chance to SMILE again!

We Believe in The Importance of Online Security

Re​petitive issues about loss or stolen funds has been going on over the years. Unfortunately, more and more people have become victims of Online Trading Scams, such as :Binary Options, Crypto Currencies,Forex,CFDs.

Those “Investments” are all usually the same – fraudulent activities that lead to nothing but frustration and depression of the investors, who will never see their money again.
If you are here, chances are that you fell into a trap and gave your money away.
You are in the right place.
There is no shame in that type of victimization, since those scammers are professional at what they do.
But as professional as they might be, the laws are still applying to them, and thieves are thieves no matter how sophisticated they are.

Quarantining Scammers and Online Trading Scams

Scams Recovery is about making the internet a safer place by:

  • Preventing those scams from occurring in the first place
  • Increasing internet users’ awareness to different kind of fraud
  • Constantly fighting against unregulated brokers
  • Recover victims’ funds
  • Leading a Worldwide Campaign against online trading scammers

In most countries, the governments are completely indifferent, hardly recognize (let alone criminalize) this type of fraud, making the recovery process much more difficult for the individual to resolve alone.
Banks ignore them, credit card companies ignore them, everyone ignores them.

Supporting Victims of Online Frauds

If you feel like it’s time to call the scammers out on what they do, get your money back and get justice, then your place is with us.

More importantly, if you want YOUR MONEY BACK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, plus increasing the chances of exposing the people who’ve scammed you – then definitely you are in the right place.

Our team of experts work closely with with most legally successful recovery companies out there as well as with related law firms all over the world and more than willing to help you to recover your funds and getting back on track.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a free consultation?
Absolutely! Contact us and get your free consultation today.

Can I get my money back
Yes! Contact us and we will let you know what the chances of retrieving your money back.
What types of scams and frauds do you handle?
We work with scam victims that transferred money legally. We have a vast experience working on a variety of niches such as Crypto, Forex, CFD, Dating, Binary, and much more.

What our clients say

Martin Irungu

After losing my hard earned cash to rogue betting agents, I was devastated and was heading into a state of depression. Luckily I was introduced to this team of experts by a close ally and they quickly stepped in and helped me bring closure to the matter. My money was recovered in full!


I was looking for a private investigator to help recover money I had been scammed off by a guy I met on an online dating site. This was after law enforcement in my country had forfeited the case. I reached out to the Frauds Recovery team. My case was reviewed and eventually my money returned.


I had fallen victim to a crypto trading scam and lost huge sums of money in the process. I reached out to Frauds Recovery and my case was investigated. They gave me assurance that the case would be resolved and all my money will be recovered. I trusted them and indeed their process worked.

Have you lost money to online fraud?
We will recover your funds!

As expected, you are wary of making any transactions online or even trusting again. But hear us out – we are offering a free case review, and we won’t charge you a thing if your case isn’t approved. So basically, you have nothing to lose if you choose to submit your case.


We only process cases of more than $5000

Free Case Review

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